Confessions of an S & M Virgin (1997)

Linda Jaivin gets a spanking as she interviews the manager of an S & M club. She steps into a kickboxing ring, and wears a penis for a week to find out how it feels to be a man. ‘When I’m writing non-fiction, ‘ she says, ‘I tend to get into character.’ In this hilarious and outrageous book, Jaivin describes the effects of PMT and tells the terrifying story of her friend the axe murderer. She reveals why she loves younger men and why sex makes her laugh. She takes us backstage at a Beijing rock concert, explores the secretive world of Chinese gays and lesbians, and gives an astonishing account of what happened the night the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square. In Confessions of an S & M Virgin Jaivin will tie you to your chair and make you laugh and cry and laugh again.

“In this vastly varied and… readable collection, Jaivin tackles subjects as diverse as the Tiananmen massacre and the trials of having a penis… with the same determined irreverence… The writing is excellent, her mix of humorous observation and hard facts perfect.” The Australian

“Jaivin’s writing, like Jaivin herself, is vivacious, insightful and original.” The Sydney Morning Herald

“Jaivin’s writings rank among the finest pieces of reconstructive journalism published by an Australian.” John Birmingham, Australian Book Review

“In the tradition of great gonzo journalists, Jaivin… gets inside her subject. The result is an hilarious snapshot of one of life’s more intriguing sexual byways… However, part two… shows a writer of quiet skill and humanity tackling the big issues.” The Melbourne Age

“Linda Jaivin is a writer of some discipline but minimal bondage. In other words, she wants it both ways – serious and funny. And who could blame her? She can do it both ways.” Canberra Times

“Jaivin’s writing shines and burns.” Sunday Age