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Miles Walker, You’re Dead

Miles Walker, You’re Dead
Miles Walker, You’re Dead

First published in 1999

Miles Walker, You’re Dead is a sexy, fast-paced romp that ends with a bang — and skewers art, politics, and pop culture with mischievous delight.

On the eve of the millennium, Miles Walker has problems. His flatmate Thurston, a moody medievalist, thinks it would be a good career move for Miles to die young. Miles’ best friend, the pre-conceptual artist ZakDot, agrees – and the chainsaw-wielding Maddie seems only too happy to help. Then along comes Destiny, the enigmatically beautiful politician who hates art but likes Miles. Now the others really want to kill him.

Praise for Miles Walker, You’re Dead

‘Sparkles with the sharp effervescence that characterised her earlier work and is reinforced by the touch of a more experienced hand. If the anonymously penned observation that ‘writing about art is like dancing about architecture’ holds true, Jaivin tangos, foxtrots and cha-chas her war across the artifices of painting in Miles Walker… this book will have you reading passages out loud to friends and giggling helplessly on public transport.’


‘The hot novel of the summer… fast and funny, it’s a satirical thriller with a romantic comedy sub-plot – one of those books that break the mould… A treat not to be missed.’

The Bulletin

‘Rapier sharp. This is a witty, fast-paced piss-take of the art world, politics and culture.


‘Made me weep with laughter and I couldn’t put it down… Jaivin is one hell of a funny writer.’

The Eye