Linda Jaivin is a writer of some discipline but minimal bondage. In other words, she wants it both ways - serious and funny. And who could blame her? She can do it both ways. — Canberra Times

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‘Five Questions with Linda Jaivin’ 

I speak to in Shanghai about A Most Immoral Woman

Can women write erotica?

Kate Copstick, the new owner of the Erotic Review says no. I say yes. Hear us slug it out – with a surprising result – on ABC Radio National’s Book Show with Ramona Koval:


“Linda Jaivin combines love of China and erotica”

“Chinese Morrison and A Most Immoral Woman”

“Urban Anatomy”

The Book Show, ABC Radio (in-depth interview about A Most Immoral Woman)


ALso from new word doc:





In conversation with Amy Tan at the Sydney Writers Festival 2014: