Miles Walker, You’re Dead (1999)

‘Rapier sharp. This is a witty, fast-paced piss-take of the art world, politics and culture. Juice
‘The hot novel of the summer… fast and funny, it’s a satirical thriller with a romantic comedy sub-plot – one of those books that break the mould… A treat not to be missed.’ The Bulletin
‘Sparkles with the sharp effervescence that characterised her earlier work and is reinforced by the touch of a more experienced hand. If the anonymously penned observation that ‘writing about art is like dancing about architecture’ holds true, Jaivin tangos, foxtrots and cha-chas her war across the artifices of painting in Miles Walker… this book will have you reading passages out loud to friends and giggling helplessly on public transport.’ Courier-Mail
‘Made me weep with laughter and I couldn’t put it down… Jaivin is one hell of a funny writer.’ The Eye

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