New Ghosts, Old Dreams: Chinese Rebel Voices (1992)

‘In New Ghosts, Old Dreams a wide range of subtle and candid Chinese writers give us their versions of what their country was like before, during, and after the tragedy of June 1989. There is no substitute for this kind of personal testimony if we are going to get a full understanding of China’s travails today.’ Jonathan D. Spence

‘An extraordinary work… a vibrant, probing guided tour of the Chinese mind today: readable without vulgarization, consistently entertaining yet deeply serious. The editors know contemporary China as no one else does.’ Andrew J. Nathan

‘This book will dwarf the dozens of others that have appeared on the Tiananmen massacre and related events… The selections are expertly chosen, smoothly translated, and introduced by Geremie Barme and Linda Jaivin, whose knowledge of contemporary Chinese urban culture is unmatched in the Western world.’ Perry Link

(Sadly out of print and rare – but we are considering re-releasing as an e-book… watch this space, but not too closely. It could take a while.)